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Reliable hosting service

Relbit has produced stable and secure auto-scaling php-hosting platform that is blazingly fast and gives us total peace of mind for all server management related tasks.
We were with them almost since the beginning and even when their platform was still in "Beta", they were already more stable than most mature providers we had before. We stopped looking for another alternative hoster, which is a first in over 10 years online.

Christian Nussbaumer, Co-Founder of Switzerland

Support from experts

The Relbit team are clearly talented in their field and have created an amazing hosting platform that is perfect for our needs. Automatic scaling, load balanced web and separate database servers and almost instant support. We've been impressed at every turn.

Stephen Gray, CEO Lightcommerce The United Kingdom

Save money with pay-as-you-go

As the biggest online newspaper in Slovakia we need to effectively handle everyday peaks in traffic on our online discussions regarding "women segment". After several years of hosting on outsourced dedicated servers we gave eviacloud a try. Thanks to real-time autoscaling we are saving almost 30% of our costs and loadtime of our pages has significantly decreased.

Peter Macinga, Member of Board of Directors of Petit Press a.s. Slovak Republic

Less hassle. Spend more time on important things.

Real-Time Autoscaling

Eviacloud constantly monitors your application's system resources usage. Additional servers are added/removed automatically depending on your application's needs.

Custom VPS Flexibility

Maybe your app requires a specific software or service, which eviacloud doesn't support yet. The virtual private server add-on is there to fill the gap.

No Maintenance

We have included self-healing capabilities in every component of our cloud. Your app will always be running on an up-to-date, secure and stable platform. Now you can spend more time on important things.

Location & Connectivity

Eviacloud runs on six-core Intel Xeon E5 CPUs, clocked at up to 3 GHz stored in a Tier 3 datacenter in Prague (Europe). We use a high-speed, low-latency 2 Gbit fully redundant backbone network with redundant Internet uplinks.



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PHP Support
No vendor Lock-IN
MySQL database Shared Dedicated
CPU 0.5x
Memory 1GB
CPU 2x
Memory 4GB
CPU 4x
Memory 8GB
Memcached Not included Memory 256MB Memory 1GB Memory 2GB
Varnish Memory 256MB Memory 512MB Memory 1GB Memory 2GB
SSL support
Mail support
Phone support Not included Not included
Performance unit (PU) No extra PU Hours 150 PU Hours 1250 PU Hours 5000 PU Hours
Disk space 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB

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